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Title :: Dancing Statues Stop Motion Video
Date :: July 1st, 2005

During my internship at Quiksilver Europe, i got a huge sticker of the Quiksilver Logo. That genius logo with a wave falling on a mountain! Quik Powa! My buddy Sebastien Lopez was living at my place in the Basque Country. I had tons of cool statues in my room i decided to animate! Took me a couple hours and 194 photos to create this 56 seconds Stop Motion Frame by Frame. I used Premiere to create the animation.

Music :: Phantom by Justice :: Buy the Music!

Definition of Stop Motion ::

Stop motion (or frame-by-frame) animation is a general term for an animation technique which makes a physically manipulated object appear to move. The object is moved by very small amounts between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Clay figures are often used in stop motion animations, known as claymation, for their ease of repositioning. Software applications such as Stop Motion Pro, istopmotion and monkeyjam have made the technique popular among young filmmakers.

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