Tarn Canal Photo

Useless Artistic Video from the TARN in France

Sometimes i get bored, sometimes i feel like making a new video and sometimes i have the free time to do it. This is one of these moments! It doesn’t mean the video clip will suck! Just means the video does not have a direct and clear purpose for existence.  Like 95% of the videos on YouTube, this video clip is just for the hell of it and because i have the ability to perform this task. Being able to distribute the video by means of a Blog & Podcast and websites like YouTube is a help to find the motivation to complete this task. What’s the point of making something nice and cool if you are the only one to enjoy it? Ok, lots of people do things for themselves but isn’t it so much better to share your work with others? I think it is! You probably do too since you are reading this on my Blog & Podcast. Lots of assumptions! Too many? I don’t think so! lol 😉 It’s lovely to write non-sense on your personal Blog! The best place to do it! Don’t you think? I do!


This Useless Artistic Video Clip from the Tarn in France is comprised of two parts; Music and Video.

I made the music on December 13, 2005 and called it “Pepper Corn”. It’s a good song made entirely from Sample Loops in Acid Pro.

I filmed the video on December 25, 2007 in the village i currently live in : Laboutarié. Laboutarié is in the Tarn Department in France and has a population of 387. Damm that isn’t many people! And I don’t really know any of those 387 people! The population in the Tarn has augmented by less than 4% in the last one hundred years! WOW THAT IS CRAZY! I can say nothing ever happens where i currently live! Can’t wait to move away!


The video is made up of clips i filmed while driving in Laboutarié. I cut the footage in a special manner which has deep significant meaning to the world around us. Tell me how this video speaks to you. What do you feel while watching?

This video is encoded in Quicktime .mov . If the video does not start when you click on the image below, you probably need to download Quicktime.

Enjoy my Useless Artistic Video Clip from the Tarn in France ::