Leonard de Leonard
Leonard de Leonard

Music Video “Be My Lord” by Léonard de Léonard featuring Meninamandine

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Born in the 70’s in the Paris region, Léonard de Léonard music begins with an electric guitar and a drum. In college, he sympathized with Olaf Hund with whom he formed the group Cosmogonifutil? That gives rise to an album and a series of concerts.

The guitar gets dusty… Equipped with a sampler, Leonard cheat more and more on its music software. He began a collaboration with the director Laurent Hart. He composed music for the video game Borderland then, among other things, that the series of short films Cartonman. Both are selected and awarded prizes in festivals and are therefore invited to Germany at the electronicarts in Linz, Austria and France for the Lyon Biennale 2001.

Since 1999, Leonard de Leonard is associated with Olaf Hund on the Hybrides label music in which he developed numerous collaborations. Regardless of style, it moves from the Hardcore techno Hiphop or song to Electro.
Thus, he met and worked with Louise Vertigo, Gonzales, Rubin Steiner, Roudoudou, Norazia, Peaches, The Goats or Ming … Meanwhile, Leonard mix in Parisian clubs like the Batofar, the Nouveau Casino, the Divan du Monde, Glaz’art, the Cabaret Sauvage …

On his machines, compositions accumulate and he decided to launch his own project. The series of Leonizer begins with two singles and a vynils LP Leonizer Fever.

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