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Xarj’s Remix of the song “Dumb Day” by Boom Bip

My friend, DJ Julien Méssou from Toulouse woke me up this morning at 10h30 by calling me on my mobile phone. He had heard my Prodigy Smack my Bitch Up Remix and thought with a little work, we could transform my remix into a successful night club music! He’s a DJ so he can test songs on the population and see if people like it or not. So that got me excited!

While drinking my warm coffee and smoking my first cigarette of the day, my random winamp started playing a beautiful relaxing song by Boom Bip called “Dumb Day”. I was in a musical mood so I thought, What the Hell, the first part of the song could make a great loop to build a song onto! And that’s what I did.

Started by importing the MP3 into Adobe Audition to cut out the perfect loop. Then imported the loop into Acid Pro 6 to test against a metronome set at 120 BPM. Lucky me, it’s a perfect match! The beat and the 16 seconds loop I created from Boom Bip are perfectly synchronized. I can now start recording new tracks.

I recorded two vocal tracks with my voice which sound very modified but it’s vocals! One midi track for the bass, 2 tracks for the piano. A total of 9 active tracks.

Voila! I’m very happy with it! Very soothing and relaxing! I would categorize this song as Chill Out Ambient.

I made this song on March 18, 2008 and it’s part of my CD #45

If you would like to download the sample loop wave file I created from “Boom Bip” for this song, visit my Famous Music Loop Samples Library.

Listen and Download my Boom Bip Remix:

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