Sexy Britney Spears

Britney Spears : Piece of Me : Featuring Chris Crocker


Voices and Mixing by XarJ

January 22, 2008 :: CD # 44

Everyone’s talking about Britney Spears for the moment. Chris Crocker has become famous with that freaky video of himself asking people to Leave Britney Alone! I recorded the audio track from his famous video and used it in my Britney Spears Piece of Me Parody Video. If you know my other Celebrity Parodies, you’ve noticed I like to find the instrumental versions of songs and add my “singing” voice to turn it into a comedy.

I not a great singer but I’m pretty good at sound mixing and editing. I spent a few hours working on this video which i hope will have the same success as my Britney Spears Toxic Parody on Youtube.

I hope you enjoy this Parody! Maybe someday people will Leave Britney Alone!

Download the MP3 here for this Britney Parody

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Feat Chris Crocker – Parody Video ::

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