Daft Punk Picture
Daft Punk Picture

Amazing Daft Punk AeroDynamics Remix by XarJ

I love my Daft Punk Aerodynamic remix! One of my very best songs! I started by cutting out a few loops from the song which I would later use as the basis for my new remix. I recorded a few new instruments on my Yamaha PSR530 and recorded myself rapping in french. Back in London, I recorded the voice from a great guy called Simba. I found a few great beat loops and scratches from my humongus loop library. I imported the music samples into Acid Pro and started creating my new mix. The next step was to spend HOURS mixing everything together into Acid Pro to get my final product. I was real proud as my song took form and I thought my singing wasn’t too bad (for once!). Youpiiii!!!

I made this Daft Punk Mix back in June 20, 2003 on my music CD #30

You can download the music loops from Daft Punk Aerodynamic from my Music Loop Library.

Watch the Mirage 2000 AeroDynamics Video ::

Listen and Download my Daft Punk remix song AeroDynamic ::

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