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Dinant City Belgium

Dinant City Belgium

Dinant is a French-speaking city of Belgium located in the Walloon Region, the chief town district in the province of Namur.

Dinant is built on the right bank of the Meuse, 90 km south of Brussels, Namur 25 and 16 north of Givet the Franco-Belgian border. In 2002, Dinant has a population of 12 763 people. The Valley of the Meuse, its unique setting, its many monuments, the tower and the caves of Mont-Fat and his cave “Wonderful” make it a tourist mecca of the Meuse region. Many river cruises are organized from the city of Copères (Germanic koper which means “copper”).

In addition, Dinant organizes musical events in connection with the saxophone: International Adolphe Sax, competition for young saxophonists, Days harmonies, Gatherings of saxophonists, Sundays saxophone, jazz concerts but also… more classical concerts at the Festival of the Meuse have been held annually in the city and its region.

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