Web Content

Web Content to be successful

How to write content for the web

  1. Find your main topic
  2. Find a few short keyphrases around your main topic. The more popular your keyphrase, the better. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  3. Write your title which should use your primary keyphrase
  4. Write your text by emphasizing these chosen keyphrases. Repeat the exact keyphrases a few times inside your text.
  5. Find one related image for 500 words
  6. Write a short description of your article using approx 160 characters including spaces. Emphasize your main keyphrases by repeating it twice.
  7. Write your top 10 keywords and keyphrases separated by commas.

With these 7 steps, you have created optimized content for the web.

Upload or post your article and see your article appear at the top of the serp results in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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