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Howth Cliffs and LightHouse

Howth is a small peninsula about 12 km north-east of Dublin. You can visit the Howth Castle Gardens, which cover 12 hectares of magnificent flora. The small port village is also very nice. You can make a wonderful trip by boat around the peninsula.

Howth is a small paradise near the sea!

A small village 20 minutes by train from downtown. Howth is located at the north Dublin on a small peninsula, it is busy every Sunday with a small market on the port. A real pleasure to go through this walk which mixes scents and colors.

You can have lunch near the water while watching the seals which float around the harbour. Far from everything, it feels like you are on holiday!

At Howth Harbour, a large dam with a lighthouse has been erected at the east. Walking on the long dam is highly recommended. Feel the ocean wind blowing on your face and let your hair rocked.

The sight is simply exceptional at Howth, green hills ending with a cliff, the beach at the other side and opposite an island. Far from all worries and preoccupations, a corner of paradise…

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