Just a Man Remix
Just a Man Remix

Music MP3 – Just a Man – I’m Sorry – Remix by XARJ

A few years ago a music band called “Just a Man” got a little famous with their song “I’m Sorry”. I’ve never heard of them since but I did really enjoy that song so I cut out some loops and used the samples into my new remix. I love to create music based on an excellent existing song!

My Remix of Just a Man I’m Sorry is one of the rare songs I created where I sing and to which I actually like my singing! And the amazing thing is that my singing is 100% improvisation! I did not write any lyrics to it, I did not practice singing it. I just looped some area of the song in my Acid Pro project and recorded my improvised voice for 5 minutes. I think I got it right the first time so the entire vocals for this song took me less than 15 minutes! Amazing! Real proud of myself! For some strange reason, when I improvize singing lyrics, I have an easier time improvizing about the topic of love. The words just come more easily when singing about love!

I added many tracks in my Acid Pro project, numerous instruments and a couple special effects on my voice and voila! A great song made in less than 6 hours. Beautiful!

I have created this song on January 30, 2004 on my CD # 32.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! You can see the video clip of the original Just a Man I’m Sorry HERE.

You can download and use the sample loops from this song in my Famous Music Loops Library.

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