Foix France Tunnel
Tunnel in Foix

“Later Time” Music and Video by Xarj

I created the song ‘Later Time’ a long time ago with the base piano chords and a certain rhythm. When i lived in the Basque Country in France, I met Philippe Boudal at Quiksilver, we were both in our internships. During one of our numerous music sessions, I showed Phil this song I had recorded and he loved it! So he recorded his own vocal part, I had already recorded a version of the music with my own voice.

In the Basque country there is one thing I really enjoyed watching, big waves in the Atlantic Ocean! I love to film surfers on big waves and also virgin waves. So one afternoon I went to the beach in Anglet and filmed the waves during a big winter swell. This is exclusively what is seen on the video attached to this post. Nice, simple music video. I think you can’t go wrong with waves! 😉

Voice on the Music MP3 by Philippe Boudal from the Doubleminds — Voice on the music from the video by Arno aka: Xarj

Listen to the Doubleminds version of the song + Watch the Video with Xarj’s version ::

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City of Foix France
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Foix France
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