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My Girlfriend’s Cat is Crazy!

I’ve been living with this cat for 3 months now and it still does not allow me to touch her. If I dare try to caress it, I’ll get bitten and scratched hard! Only this cat’s master, my girlfriend, can touch or play with it. Even then she still bleeds from occasional aggressive playing with the crazy cat.

The cat puts hair all over the place and on our clothes, annoying, aggressive, demanding, poop smells bad but I have to admit the cat sometimes look cute! I love to annoy it back as you can see in the video. It’s the only playing I can manage with the cat! I hate when this cat goes on the bed! You know there’s gonna be cat hair all over the bed!

My Girlfriend’s cat is crazy and this is her video ::

Photos of Melys the Crazy Cat

Bored Cat
Crazy Cat’s Home

Cute Cat
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