New Art

My Stop Motion Music Video inspired by Lasse Gjertsen
Piano, Vocals and beatbox by Xarj

I was watching videos on Youtube when i found a series of stop motion video clips. People playing instruments; piano, guitar, beatbox and drums. The sound and video tracks had been cut in a stop motion manner. This creates a new type of video with very original sound track. Especially in the case of Lasse Gjertsen with his famous Amateur video. I always like to try making new kinds of videos so I paid attention to the way the videos were made and tried to reproduce my own version of a stop motion chef d’oeuvre.

Started out by filming myself for all different parts I needed: Playing piano, beatbox, vocals, hi hats… Transfered the recorded video from my Canon MVX330 onto my computer using Adobe Premiere. Then the long part, mixing. Spent approx 3-4 hours to mix this video. It’s very time consuming and if you haven’t really thought about your project before, you can end up with a deceiving result. I’m not unhappy with my video but I had expected it to be better! Let me know what you think!

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