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Lion Sleeping

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Music Video

Today is a special day (February 29th) and I have prepared something very special for you! I’ve spent long hours in Adobe Premiere working on my latest project “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. I also sing in french so the title is “Le Lion est mort ce soir”.

I started by filming myself playing the piano, bass, strings, vocals and dancing. Imported everything into Adobe Premiere. This video editing software is definatly NOT to create music. I had to create an audio track with a perfect metronome beat to follow. All the recordings had to be perfectly synchronized and in tempo otherwise they are completely useless. I wasted lots of time to figure this out! You NEED a tempo audio track to structure your music in Adobe Premiere.

After the filming was complete, I created the music using audio/video loops in Adobe Premiere. Audio/Video loops in Premiere means there is a Stop Motion work. The video is repeated with the music to create the loop. Once I was satisfied with the music, I started working on the video mixing. I could not work on both the audio and video mixing at the same time. The audio first then the video so the audio had to be perfect as I could not go back and edit it. I had 5 audio tracks and 5 video tracks. A lot to manage!

My intention was to show how the music was played so most of the time, you’ll see all the audio tracks being played. Also notice the dancing parts, me “au naturel” and me featuring a Darth Maul Halloween mask. I thought it would be funny to have Darth Maul dance on my video! 😉

Once the video mixing was done I added the beginning and ending titles and encoded the whole project. Voila!

I have added the Music MP3 from the video if you just want to listen to the music or download the mp3 file.

I hope you’ll have as much fun watching my video as I had fun making it!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Video ::

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