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Asking Game by France/Irish Crew

Here is a great song by my buddy Philippe Boudal from France and currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

This song has been created in Philippe’s house in Dublin, Ireland. It came from a few chords that sounded good at acoustic guitar. With some help of Nico (Bass) and ProTools, a full Saturday has been necessary to record the synthé (piano, violon, choir and cosmic sound at the beginning), the electric and acoustic guitars, and the voices, plus a few hours for mixing.

The first sentences of the lyrics were originally written by Philippe for another song called just a “just a little drink” (a more funny and reggae one). It sounded great with the music so Philippe re-wrote the rest of the song so that it would fit to the atmosphere which is a bit more dramatic.

The original topic was a funny advice like “stop wondering, just take a little drink”. It became something deeper about observing someone being lost and falling into kind of a depression, and not being able to help.

Philippe, Nico, Alex, Rob and Chris are now trying to play it live with their other songs, renting a studio first, and hopefully in some pubs later on…


“Asking game, in the mirror.
and go, go, go, anywhere,
but alone.

How could you regain your smile?
Yes how will you regain your smile?

Asking game, in the river.
It’s cold,cold,cold, you feel the cold cold flow
of your troubled mind.

You’ve closed your eyes for a while.
Now how will you regain your smile?
Don’t send yourself into exil.
How I’ll make you regain your smile?”

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