Knowing that anywhere in the world these days there is no assurance that your stay in a certain place will be safe. But there has been a thorough research held recently of most livable places in the USA based on outstanding schools, job opportunities, economic strength, safe streets, nice weather, outdoor and cultural activities, and good healthcare. The following are the top 10 safest and most livable cities in USA today:

1. Louisville, Colorado – ranks number 1 as the safest and most livable place in US today. Its crime rates are among the least in Colorado. Many job opportunities in the industry of technology, clean energy, aerospace, and telecom.

Unemployment Rate: 6.3%

Population: 18,400

Louisville, Colorado


2. Milton, Massachusetts – One big reason for the stability of the city is the top-notch school system that shows off 6 brand new structures and offers such opulent opportunities being a French fascination program that starts in basic school. The only downside here is high taxes.

 Unemployment Rate: 6.6%

Population: 27,000


Milton, Massachusetts


3. Solon, Ohio- Is a small town that has a huge tax base: Primary employers such as L’Oreal, Nestle and Swagelok. Cleveland Clinic has a center in Solon. Solon also features philharmonic orchestra. Last year, its schools put them as the top-achieving district entire Ohio.

 Unemployment Rate: 8.2%

Population: 23,300

Solon, Ohio


4. Leesburg, Virginia– Lots of job opportunities not only in government but in defense as well such as consulting, contracting and technology. The downside is there are a few below par neighborhood.

 Unemployment Rate: 4.1%

Population: 42,600

Leesburg, Virginia


5. Papillion, Nebraska – the city’s agricultural industry is definitely booming. There are also many job opportunities in this town since Black Hills Inc. transferred its local head office in June 2011. Schools are academically excellent, emerging restaurant complex and heaps of green area.

 Unemployment Rate: 4.2%

Population: 18,900

Papillion, Nebraska


6. Hanover, New Hampshire- The city is said to be stable in terms of social, cultural and economic advantages all owing to their own Dartmouth College. The medical center of Dartmouth offers more than 12,000 job opportunities to locales.

 Unemployment Rate: 4.4%

Population: 8,600

Papillion, Nebraska


7. Liberty, Missouri- is known to many tourists being the town where the gang of Jesse James staged its first daylight bank burglary. These days, Liberty is a fascinating place with a rapid commute to lots of job opportunities in Kansas City such as: life sciences, engineering and telecom. The school district in Liberty is reliably ranked being one of the best in Missouri.

Unemployment Rate: 7.6%

Population: 29,100

Liberty, Missouri


8. Middleton, Wisconsin- features over 15,000 job opportunities right in town. One of the major job provider companies here is the PPD & Electronic Theater Controls which is the largest theater lightning company. Commutable downtown area has a few great shops, restaurants and peculiar sights.

 Unemployment Rate: 5.1%

Population: 17,400

Middleton, Wisconsin


9. Mukilteo, Washington – despite its coastal location, it can be said that the town is in good economic status. The town features inexpensive homes by the standards of Seattle and it has good reputable schools.

 Unemployment Rate: 8.2%

Population: 20,300

Mukilteo, Washington


10. Chanhassen, Minnesota – Regardless of a few budgetary brouhahas in implemented in the state of Minnesota, still the Chanhassen has adequately going for it which includes reputable schools, great jobs,  evening pastime, and nature galore.

Unemployment Rate: 5.5%

Population: 23,000

Chanhassen, Minnesota