It indeed looked like a massive creature just stomped on the State of Mass in the form of not just one but a series of tornadoes that hit the central and western parts of Massachusetts. National Weather Service reported that there were a total of seven twisters struck the State June 1st Wednesday. The city of Springfield alone got a share of three and the city Mayor Dominic Sarno even mentioned that there’s a possibility of another strike in the said city.  The Tornado in Springfield MA has caused the death of at least 4 individuals in the location. Moreover, the furious hurricane apparently didn’t leave the surrounding areas of Springfield unscathed. In fact, more than a hundred thousand residents have been seriously affected in the western part of Boston.

A rather extensive damages and injuries however had inflicted upon Springfield.  Governor Deval Patrick reported that there are two persons who had died in Westfield, another in West Springfield, then one person in Brimfield which is located central.  Patrick added that there are no less than 19 localities in Mass that were seriously distressed by the violent weather. The State Police likewise mentioned a total of 33 injuries and among those, five were in grave condition.

The overall situation in the State parts that were hit is too unfortunate. People especially motorists couldn’t be off the roads since a lot of downed trees’ limbs or electrical wires have been scattered all over the place. In response to the sorry situation, a certain task force has been assigned in West Springfield to start the rehabilitation. Officials in the third largest city of the State were having checks on state residents in order to have a better assessment of the damages done by the Tornado in Springfield MA.

Serious blows upon the city include expected power outages, crushed vehicles, impassable roads, and plenty of smashed or roofless houses. It turned out that the calamity was a surprise for the locals. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency had been monitoring the weather condition. They thought that there was nothing really to be concerned about when in late afternoon hurricane clouds began to come out.

The State Gov Patrick declared a state of emergency, thus, about a thousand National Guard troops would be helping the affected areas or locals. To contradict earlier statements, Springfield city Mayor Sarno that both state and national emergency bureaus are working  hand in hand in order to address the current situation.

Following the day of the strike of terrible hurricane, Springfield schools were closed.  There are shelters made for the victims. The governor said that there are shelter camps posted at West Springfield, Springfield, Monson, Palmer and in Wilbraham. More than 200 people are being placed at the Mass Mutual Center, he further stated. While the State had witnessed more tornadoes in its history, the recent Tornado in Springfield MA was so far the worst spate of nature upon the local folks in the city and other affected areas throughout the state.

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