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Tornado destruction

A tornado is a vortex of extremely violent winds, beginning at the base of a thunderstorm cloud when the shear conditions are favorable winds in the lower atmosphere. Very small tornadoes may also develop under clouds of rain.

Tornado and Lighting

Tornado and Lighting

This meteorological phenomenon has a destructive power greater than that of a tropical cyclone per square metre, but of limited duration and of limited scope: it concerns a corridor of a few hundred meters wide on a few kilometres long. Some tornadoes have generated the strongest winds reported to the earth’s surface. They kill each year from 300 to 400 people, including 150 in the USA.

Tornadoes, weak or strong, have special characteristics and are judged by their intensity, not by their size. That is why the expression “mini-tornado”, often used in the media, should be avoided. It is most often indeed a catch-all term that is used to describe any damage by wind and very localized, regardless of the causal mechanism. It mixes phenomenas as diverse as gusting down in storms, high winds and low synoptic tornadoes.

Synonyms of Tornados are Cyclones, Water Spouts, Hurricanes and Twisters.

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