christmas carolsWe’re in October, and in less than two months we’ll be ringing in the caroling; it’s going to be Christmas time! Christmas carols may have traditionally been songs of praise from a religious perspective, but they have since gone mainstream. Regardless of your creed, race, age or even your religious denomination, you probably know and enjoy Christmas carols.

Some of them are easy to come by in compilations sold at stores. Others are a bit more difficult to come by, but if you Download free music @, you’ll quickly be able to find them. Carols can range from the historic to the comical, and some of them are so synonymous with Christmas culture that they get remade every year. Some of your most fond Christmas memories have a soundtrack of carols to go with them. Every time the chords begin to play, your mind is jettisoned to a special time, be it opening gifts or sitting down to Christmas dinner with the family.

Here is a list of some of the most famous, enjoyable, lovable Christmas carols that you can share with you family, friends and loved ones:


White Christmas Bing Crosby Homemade Christmas Kenny Rogers

Jingle Bell Rock Bobby Helms Christmas U2

Here Comes Santa Claus Gene Autry Christmas Is All Around Billy Mack

Home For The Holidays Perry Como Last Christmas Travis

Merry Christmas, Darling The Carpenters My Grown Up Christmas Kelly Clarkson

Holly Jolly Christmas Burl Ives This Gift 98 Degrees

Silver Bells Johnny Mathis Believe Josh Groban

Someday At Christmas Stevie Wonder Happy Xmas John Lennon

Let It Snow Dean Martin Pretty Paper Roy Orbison

Merry Christmas Baby Otis Redding Sleigh Ride TLC

Donde Esta Santa Claus Augie Rios Christmas Rappin’ Kurtis Blow

The Christmas Song Nat King Cole Christmas In Dixie Alabama

Santa Baby Eartha Kitt Happy Holidays Shells

Some of these songs are solemn, others are happy and campy and others still are romantic. Christmas is originally a religious celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but everyone commemorates it in some way or the other. The traditions of sharing a big meal with friends and family, exchanging gifts and having a tree decorated with lights and tinsel, is something that many non-Christians actually enjoy. The music that makes up some of the best parts of Christmas celebrations can be easily found online. Some of the more traditional songs are not easily available, unless sold in seasonal compilations.

When you look at sites like Vimeo and YouTube, users have made original videos or sourced original videos, to ring in the celebrations. Another source for great Christmas music may also be the Christmas movies we enjoy too. Some of the most popular Christmas movies known for their excellent scores include, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Love Actually, Will You Merry Me, Three Days and Snowglobe. All you may hear is a snippet of the song in the movie but usually, music lovers can tell immediately what they are listening too and you can find the wonderful, complete songs over the internet.

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