apple networkIt goes without saying that Apple’s hardware, software and Operating Systems are one of the best in the world. The fact that their hardware and software parts are tightly integrated that adds strength to the quality of Apple machines.

However, the restrictions that Apple has made on using third-party apps has made it difficult for people to work on different areas like editing, designing, blogging and development. But that is no longer an issue today. Since the OS is ported to work on Intel Chips, it becomes easier to install and run apps on any computers. Hence experts always have ways to get around Apple’s web.

As a matter of fact, there are hatful of good apps for the Mac too. The only difference between the Mac OS and the Windows OS is the fact that the former has limited but high quality applications while the latter is a mix of both.

Here is a list of some terrific apps for Mac OS X that will help you in networking.

1. Hotspot Shield
This is a great application when you want to use your Mac in public Wi-Fi hotspots and when you are not sure of their safety standards. When you want to access crucial private files and you are concerned about the security settings around you, Hotspot Shield may come into play big time. The application protects incoming and outgoing connections by using secure hide-IP-address solutions, encryption protocols, censoring filters and bypass firewalls. It also keeps you away from password sniffers and malicious tools that exist between your server and laptop.

2. Slink
This awesome app allow you to connect to your home network from anywhere in the globe. There are no complex settings or configurations here. Anything on the home network will appear automatically in applications like iPhoto, iFinder, iTunes and many other applications. The scenario works just as it would when you are connected from home. All you need to have is an Internet connection with relatively high speed.

3. Air Radar
This is the best tool to have if you want to know which Internet access points are available for you to access and where they are. The tool allows you to explore, tag and store any open and public hotspots. It helps you know when and where you can access the Internet.

4. Network Location
Network Location app is extremely useful in different situations. The app works on the strategy to alter different settings with regards to your physical location. The complete use of this application depends on how much restrictive Apple is on different third party apps. Yet the application is used for running and exiting applications connecting servers, changing system settings, launching scripts and so many other things.

For instance, you can turn off laptop sound notifications and other entertainment apps while you are at work and start working on web browsers and your favorite websites, work on blogging and writing tools and also work on FTP server. In other words, there is practically no limit to what you can do on your computer thanks to the ability to run any custom scripts.

5. APGrapher
This app resembles the popular AirRadar. The only difference between these two apps is that the former (APGrapher) lets you see a wide variety of settings and network parameters. The rest of the abilities are same as you can explore and save hotspots no matter where you are and connect to them using simple means just like you would do in AirRadar.

Hope you find these apps useful. Happy Networking!!

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