popcornMany people take exception to ‘no food’ and bag checking policies at cinemas and other places. This guide, the contents of which we in no way endorse, will make you aware of some of the methods people go to in order to get their favourite foods and beverages into cinemas. For entertainment purposes only. SERIOUSLY. You’ve been warned. Obviously many of these methods will be applicable outside the confines of the silver screen (though you may get some strange looks trying smuggling items where no such rules are enforced).

Dress for the occasion:

Baggy clothes can hide a multitude of sins. They can also hide a multitude of forbidden foodstuffs. As long as you don’t weight yourself like a beast of burden you can transport more than your fair share of goods. In cold weather you can use the sleeves of a long coat to transport things such as cans of drink.


If you have a multipocket rucksack spread your haul inbetween the different pockets. The centre pocket should contain uninteresting items; notebooks, a bottle of water, a sweater. They are unlikely to explore further or rummage deeply. If you are more of a risk taker you can hide items in your bag beneath


You can sneak pretty much anything in a box of popcorn. Of course, many seasoned professionals look down on the technique, since it involves buying something from the cinema.

  1. Buy popcorn.
  2. Eat some of the popcorn.
  3. Place forbidden item beneath popcorn.

This method can be used to hide bags of sweets, cans of drink or anything the size of your first will do. As long as you aren’t struggling to hold the box up you should be ok. Top flight smugglers use boxes

Hunt in packs:

It’s safer in large groups, as theatre staff tend to not want the hassle of holding a large group of people up. If you are in a group don’t hand your tickets to be torn one at a time, hand them in a bunch. They are much more likely to simply count the tickets and wave you through than pat you down one at a time.

Members of staff aren’t the enemy:

Remember, the movie theatre staff members probably don’t like enforcing the draconian food policies as much as you don’t like being subjected to them. In many instances when they blatantly catch you they will ignore your transgression. If pressed, calmly state

This isn’t always the case when their managers are around, though, so be careful.

The #1 Rule – Don’t Panic When Caught:

If caught, don’t worry about it. Worst case scenario will see your foodstuffs confiscated (so long as you are polite).

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This cheeky guide was written by Alton Towers Breaks (where you’re welcome to bring your own food along – have a picnic if you like!)

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