No wedding is complete without some amazing photographs. After all, once the celebrations are done and over with, and life has returned to normal, it is these photographs that make everything special all over again. However, don’t be a robot and get pictures that are as ordinary and commonplace as a cola bottle. Make your wedding photographs special with the help of these seven photograph ideas that you should, in no way, miss out on.

1)   Last minute preparations

The few seconds before the bride is ready to walk down the aisle, or the father’s wise words to calm the nervous groom, the eleventh hour of the nuptials always have a photogenic ace up their sleeve. This is where the most surprisingly intimate moments are found- a father-daughter’s loving embrace, tears of happiness in the mother’s eyes, the bride’s breathless anticipation, the groom’s patient wait, the friends’ joyous excitement.

2)   The grand romantic lift and the victory kiss

That moment where he grabs his wife by the waist lifts her off her feet and kisses her, may be a clichéd scene from so many hopelessly romantic movies. But your love story isn’t anything less than a movie, and what you’re feeling is nothing short of pure emotion. Seize that victorious moment. Freeze it, and frame it. It’s one of those things that’ll make you smile and blush when you two have finally grown old together.

3)   Silhouettes

Silhouette photographs of even the most mundane scenes end up looking so dramatic and intriguing. One can only imagine how breathtaking silhouette photos of a “just married” couple would look. Be it running out of the nuptials together, an intimate moment or a simple peck on her cheek or forehead, when it’s the shadows, it becomes all the more amazing.

4)   Through the back window of the getaway car

We see it in the movies- the lovely couple running through/away from the crowds and into the car, and driving off into a happy ending. And we can’t help but smile, blush and sigh. This could probably be your first private moment in the whole day. And there’s always something heart-warming waiting to happen in those quiet moments. A kiss, a smile, or her head resting on his shoulder. When you see the picture that captured that moment, you’ll realize why it was so special in all those movies.

5)   Stop motion

Not only is stop motion fun, but also very, very unique! A picture that shows the two of you walking towards each other, shot by shot, and finally landing in a hug or kiss, is something that will fascinate everyone who sees it. It’s also symbolic of each accepting step you took towards each other, to make the relationship the sacred institution that it is.

6)   Go crazy

The wedding celebrations are not fully successful if, in addition to every guest, you too haven’t had your fair share of fun. After all, it is your day. And no effort will be worth it, if you’re not an active participant in the festivities. So, jump around, go crazy, and laugh out loud. The photos that come in later will be a shining example for all the future couples.

7)   Kiss under the moonlight

Magical, surreal and just plain romantic, there is no perfect way to end the day’s events and the past life, and happily kiss your way into a new beginning. Bathed in the moon’s sublime glow and framed by a canopy of trees, a lonely road or the house waiting for you two, it’s the kind of stuff romance novels endlessly talk about. Toronto wedding photographershave mastered these kinds of shots thanks to the beautiful moon-lit riverside promenades.

Danielle Bailey, the author of this article, is a fashion photographer and she frequently writes articles about her work experiences. During her time off from work, she likes to read and indulge in cooking her favorite recipes.

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