Her Special Night This Year: How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

During the year there are three days that you should never forget: your anniversary, your wife’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.  On these nights your wife wants to feel special and appreciated, and the effort that you put in to making her feel that way goes a long way to keeping your relationship strong.  This Valentine’s […]

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Three Inexpensive and Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Everybody has been there. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but this year you don’t exactly have the funds for a top of the line gift. Maybe you’re having a slow month at work, or maybe you’re still paying off your Christmas gifts, but for whatever reason you’re a little low on cash for a Valentine’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Fail – Top 5 Ways to Mess up the Most Romantic Day of the Year

Valentine’s Day is the number one romantic day of the year. While other holidays, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are equally important, Valentine’s Day is at the top of the list for many women. This can create a great deal of stress for guys who want to impress their better halves, but may not know […]

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