6 Essentials For Students Hosting A Film Night

You’re hung over, on a budget, but still want to get together with your mates this weekend, so what better gathering to host than a film night round yours? You don’t need a home cinema system or to leave the house at all, ideal for second/third year students in private accommodation with living rooms. Read […]

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Your Access To A Glittering Movie Premiere Show

Being a part of a glittering movie premiere show is a dream come true for movie and celeb fans. New movies release every week and to give the movie a great launch and to make their movies a big hit among the crowds, movie makers and the cast arrange and the premiere shows. These movie […]

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Fictional Foods We Wish Existed

Sometimes you see a movie and whatever the characters are eating looks too good to be true. In most cases it is, as the types of food are usually made up and don’t exist in real life. However, wouldn’t it be amazing to try some of these fantasy dishes? Here is a list of some […]

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