Money Spent On Expensive Optics Is A Waste If You Fail To Give Your Camera And Lens A Stable Platform

All professional photographers know that if the technique is right then every photograph you take will be apt to be included in the national geographic magazine. Most of the amateur photographers think that buying expensive optics and spending a bucket load of money on lenses and DSLRs is all that you need to do to […]

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5 Less Known Tips For Achieving Excellent Winter Photos

Photographers, both amateur and professionals, who are lucky enough to live in climates where winter is accompanied by extraordinary snowy landscapes every year, have the chance to take a great set of pictures this season. The all-white streets, forests and fields provide an excellent opportunity for artistic snapshots that neither the first sunny days of […]

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June 20th, 2009Perspective Photography

Perspective Photography

Perspective Photography One of the things which irritates me the most is when I see photographs on Internet or elsewhere with bad perspective photos. The worst, is that we start seeing so many bad perspective pics that you don’t pay attention to how bad they are. And yet, there is a very simple way to […]

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