All professional photographers know that if the technique is right then every photograph you take will be apt to be included in the national geographic magazine. Most of the amateur photographers think that buying expensive optics and spending a bucket load of money on lenses and DSLRs is all that you need to do to capture great looking photographs. However, the right gadgetry is only the first step in the world of photography.

Technique is something that takes years of experience to master and perfection in photography is something you will have to pursue for your entire career. One should not expect to start clicking exceptionally good photographs from day 1. There are many things that you need to keep in mind and many more that you need to incorporate into your shots before that.

Focus should be on technique

If you think that higher resolution cameras require lesser implementation of technique then you are really an amateur. A slight movement of the camera while you are taking a shot might just blur your images if you are using a 4 MP camera but the results will be disastrous for the same movement in a 16 MP camera. This is due to the higher pixel density of higher resolution cameras that record more details.

Simply put if there is no movement in the camera then the edges of the object you are shooting will remain where you focused them on the sensor however, moving your camera while taking your shot will result in blurred edges in your photographs.

Stability is the key to any form of photography

Whether you are a landscape photographer or a wildlife photographer, you must always try to use a tripod stand or other stand for your camera. In the event of unavailability of a tripod stand, the shutter tripping should be proper, i.e. you have to roll the shutter gently and do not try and jab the button.

Several other tweaks like adjusting shutter speeds, changing the ISO, using flash and employing faster lenses that capture image as quickly as possible also help photographers to click photographs which are blur free.

Tired of lugging the accessories?

You have to carry a variety of accessories with the camera to take beautiful pictures. Different types of lenses, tripod stand, filters and what not needs to be carried by you. So it is important that you do not feel the need to leave your stand behind just to reduce the weight or to compromise with your mobility. Since by now you understand the necessity of a stable platform in photography, you must make proper arrangements to carry your stand easily.

There are several travel bags and tug bags available in the market designed just for the travelling photographer. You must give them a try so that there is nothing holding you back from capturing brilliant moments through your camera lenses. Always remember, all your expenditure on expensive cameras and lenses will go down the drain if your photos are blurring.

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