Will Technology Change How We Enjoy Sports?

Technically, it already has. It’s no mystery that technology has advanced to such a stage that it’s utterly transformed aspects of our lives. Developments in satellite internet tech and mobile devices have been instrumental in these changes.  And that’s in addition to advances in 4G and various mobile devices – pocket-sized smart phones and pencil-thin […]

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The Top 10 Greatest Sporting Films

Any Given Sunday [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_iKg7nutNY] Al Pacino as manager, Jamie Foxx as a temperamental quarterback and Cameron Diaz as an intrusive owner, covering this team would be a journalists dream. The Miami Sharks find themselves struggling to make the playoffs and with regular quarterback Dennis Quaid out injured, manager D’Amato (Pacino) turns to Willie Beamen […]

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August 16th, 2011Great Sports Tragedy

Great Sports Tragedy

Sports had been part of daily human life. Who can live without sports? It is way of relaxation after few days of work or some kind of exercise to maintain general wellness. Some people consider sports as their career because of their innate passion towards it. Moreover it is a thing that we need to […]

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