10 Most useful websites and tools for web designers

This is a tricky subject because useful tools for web designers may include a lot of things. Some people think that an easy to index java library is a great tools, where others think that a color coordinator tool is the most useful. This article contains a list of varied tools that some web designers […]

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Will Technology Change How We Enjoy Sports?

Technically, it already has. It’s no mystery that technology has advanced to such a stage that it’s utterly transformed aspects of our lives. Developments in satellite internet tech and mobile devices have been instrumental in these changes.  And that’s in addition to advances in 4G and various mobile devices – pocket-sized smart phones and pencil-thin […]

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The Coolest Accessories for the iPhone

Since the introduction of the smartphone, a phone has never again been just a phone. No longer do we use them simply for the purpose of dialing in a number to reach our nearest and dearest, when we can simply video message them; no longer do we dawdle away hours in dentist waiting rooms reading […]

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