With Or Without You imageI originally created this U2 mix “With or Without Youremix in June 2004, i had recorded my voice on it but I’m not a singer like Philippe is, so he wanted to give the song a shot. So one night in October 2005 we recorded Phil’s voice on my mix and we both thought it sounded amazing! The U2 song is amazing, the instruments , the guitars are very “powerful” so i cut them out with Adobe Audition to make loops out of them to be able to use the sounds into Sony Acid Pro . When i started using the software Sonic Foundry Acid Pro, i spent a lot of time cutting out loops in songs i enjoyed to insert the sounds into my productions, the U2 mix was created during that musical period. Now i prefer to create all my loop sounds, except for the beats which i find increadibly difficult to produce. Please send me any comments you might have! Something constructive please!

Available on Xarj’s CD 40.
Music created October 2005.
By Arnaud Joakim and Philippe Boudal AKA : DOUBLEMINDS
Title : “With Or Without You by U2 – Xarj version”

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