Guitar Electric Spanish by Doubleminds on XarjThis Great FREE MP3 song by Doubleminds is offered to you by XARJ. Amazing voice, sweet guitar riffs and melancholy piano to compose a powerful song in the hearing! Great song which could be considered Alternative music. I am the worst at categorizing music! Except for the obvious songs like classical or rap. Phil and I spent a night recording all the instruments and sounds and i worked an extra 4-5 hours to arrange the song with Acid and honne it into a Radio Hit ! Hope you enjoy it! Let me me know on !

On Friday Lyrics ::

I know you know it’s me
How else will I talk to you

We went out one night
Everything went right
We got something started
It was outta sight
I know you know it’s me
How else will I talk to you

By the phone I wait
Staring into space
Thinking about our first kiss
Out on our first date
I’ve resorted to
Hanging up on you

Hey! Why didn’t you call me?
I thought I’d see you again.

Why don’t you call me again?
And I’m gonna ask
When I see you again

Why Didn’t You Call Me? by: Macy Gray

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Available on Xarj’s CD 39.
Music created August 19 2005.
By Arnaud Joakim and Philippe Boudal
Title : “On Friday”

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