Cool Baby
Cool Baby !

47000 CD43 101906 MUSIC by XARJ

Ain’t that a funny title? Let me explain it’s meaning and awesome power! not…

“47000” is the name of the song. I don’t remember why i decided to call it such a big number! CD43 means the song is on my Music CD number 43. Yeah i do have quite a few CDs! I’m at 44 now and should start 45 real soon! 061019 is the date expressed in the smartest possible format. I use this format so the files on my computer are always listed in chronological order. In America the date format is MONTH/DAY/YEAR, in France it’s DAY/MONTH/YEAR and my format is YEAR/MONTH/DAY. From the biggest to the smallest. I append this information in the prefix of all my files so they are always sorted the way i like AND i easily see the date of creation! What? You calling me a Nerd?

Don’t forget to listen to the free mp3 song! Just click on the triangle below. 

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