Joining Me – Music MP3 by XarJ

“Joining Me” Music MP3 by XarJ Joining Me is my second song in 2009 and I gotta say I am very pleased with my work! WAHHHOOOO! On January 4th I posted my song “Back on Acid” and today I just finished mixing this new great song! I called it “Joining Me” because someone special is […]

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December 26th, 2008FanParty MP3 Music

FanParty MP3 Music

FanParty MP3 Music by XarJ I called this song “FanParty” because the day before I had been at a friend’s friend called Fanny from my school IUT Bayonne. It was truly a great party and the whole class was there, everyone having a blast! If I remember correctly Fanny lived near Guetary in the Basque […]

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September 23rd, 2008Total Guitar Music MP3

Total Guitar Music MP3

Total Guitar Music by XarJ Here’s a nice loop based song I made with Acid Pro using various loop samples from my loop library. Lots of guitars and some funky beats too! Kind of a strange mixture, beautiful spanish guitar on House style beats! But it’s new and everyone likes innovations! Hope you enjoy it! […]

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September 9th, 2008Home Alone Remix Music

Home Alone Remix Music

“Home Alone” Music Remix by Xarj

I called this song Home Alone not because of the movie but simply because I was home alone when I recorded this song. My titles often have to do with my mental state, my current activities etc… I have created this song with Acid Pro and the many loop samples I have in my Sound Library. Fast Beats, bass guitars, riffs and various instruments.

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Another Day for Fiesta – Music MP3

Another Day for Fiesta Music MP3 by Xarj This song is very rhythmic and has a lot of sound effects! Fast beats and sample vocals are used to create the entertaining base sounds. You can hear my voice towards the end of the song. Yes, it is quite modified! I used Acid Pro 6 and […]

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Memories by Xarj – Music MP3

Memories by Xarj – Music MP3 I recorded this song called “Memories” in 2004 so the style is quite different than my more recent creations. Good old piano, some simple effects, double vocals by myself, an effective melody, some slow beats and a cute overall feeling. Back in 2004 I thought this music kicked ass! […]

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Pile ou Face Music MP3 by Doubleminds

Music MP3 by Doubleminds, “Pile ou Face” This song is not finished! The main instruments have been recorded; blues guitar, philippe’s vocals. We chose a rapid beat for this song which is quite different than what you would except from a guitar blues song! But hey, it’s a new style of music! You gotta keep […]

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Music MP3 – Empty Thinking by XarJ

Empty Thinking – Music MP3 by XarJ Electronic Power Sound! This song is 100% computer made and synthetic. I love the synth samples because of their simplicity and coherence in the song. I used Acid Pro and some special FX plugins to create the manual music sheet and record the instruments. Ok I admit, the […]

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Infinite Wisdom – Music MP3 by DoubleMinds

DoubleMinds Music “Infinite Wisdom” – Another great song by the Doubleminds! Infinite Wisdom starts with a nice progression including a Guitar and Funk EP loop. The beat and bass slowly fade in until Philippe starts singing. You’ll hear a rhythmic metal guitar in between the singing which I found in my loop library. At 1min40 […]

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For Seby Rar – Royalty Free Music MP3

Royalty Free Music MP3 :: “For Seby Rar” by Xarj Back in the time I lived near Biarritz in France, my good buddy Sebastien Lopez came to spend some time in the south with me. We’ve created music together and he tends to prefer ‘experimental’ sounds, a bit anti-commercial. So my own solo music sometimes […]

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