DJ Shadow photo
Here is DJ SHADOW for y’all!

While in Paris at my friend’s Sebastien Lopez’s place, this great song started playing on his computer by DJ SHADOW. The song starts with simple piano chords and kicks into gear Shadow style. The simple piano chords really sounded good so i downloaded the music and started my own song, Xarj style with the chords as a base. I build upon it to create this create song. This is version number 1 & 2 of CD 44.

DJ SHADOW’s Official website
DJ SHADOW on WikiPedia

Check out my MP3 songUK Adore Big Fish” which was played at the Rocket Complex in London

Which version do you prefer? Version 1 or 2 ???

Other MP3’s : UK Adore Big Fish –  Video Fete de la Musique Toulouse

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