Jeunes Création Art ParisWhen i first moved to Graulhet in the Tarn, i wanted to take a vocal course at a specialized music school. Lucky me, there’s a perfect place which is called Star Diams. Diams like the famous french woman rapper. The spots were filled up at that time so they took my info and were supposed to call me back, still waiting! This is a singing school so they have numerous people with great voices so i gave the boss my music CD and told him i should create music with one or more of his students. That damm person never called back! What a load of bullocks! The kinda guy who is real nice when you’re face to face talking to him but never respects the arrangements. Really pissed me off! I didn’t wanna call back and this whole thing just added to my dislike of this city.

Voila for the small anecdote. One night following my visit to Star Diams, i made this song which is very “technological“. Synthetic sounds (computer made) with a little piano and a good beat.

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