Phil Collins Music Remix by XARJ

I first found out Phil Collins existed back in 1990, i was 10. Since then, i’ve bought a couple albums and heard most of his songs. When i hear a song which i really enjoy, I always write down the artist name and title to remember it. Eventually I’ll open the mp3 file into Adobe Audition to see if i can cut out a quality loop which i could use in one of my songs. A lot of good stuff to loop from Phil Collins’s songs! I don’t remember the title of this specific song but if you’re a Collins fan, you’ll recognize it, send me an email ( to give me the title.

You’ll hear my vocals in this remix, no lyrics, just sound vocals which are accelerate if i remember correctly. Made this song in March 04 2004, part of my CD #32! A while ago! I have another Phil Collins remix, you’ll have to come back later to hear it!! Or signup on my podcast feed! 😉 If this song is too soft for ya, try my DR. DRE Remix!

Phil Collins Official site
Phil Collins on WikiPedia

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