I made this video at the end of the Quiksilver Surf Competition : Pro France 2005 at Hossegor in South of France, Cote Basque. In Adobe Premiere, i created a sick photo slideshow with the best professional photos. It’s so well done you wouldn’t think they’re actually photos, always in movement. If you look at the bottom left corner on my video, you’ll see the surfer’s names appear, in case you’re wondering.

The song on the video is called “Xarj & Phil First Song : Pro France” made by DoubleMinds.

My video is also available on the Official Quiksilver Pro France 2005 website. Also see the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational Video ::

Photos include surfers like : Kelly Slater, Damien Hobgood, Kirk Flintoff, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores, Mick Fanning, Patrick Beven, Tim Curran, Andy Irons, Miky Picon, Taj Burrow

Quiksilver Pro France 2005 Poster

Quiksilver Pro France 2005 Poster

:: PRO FRANCE 2005 ::

Click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge to high-resolution photos!

Watch the Quiksilver Pro France Video ::

Kelly Slater Surf Photos :

Kelly Slater Lifestyle photo

Kelly Slater world championKelly Slater running on the beachKelly Slater surfing big waveKelly Slater on the beachKelly Slater at Quiksilver Pro FranceKelly Slater surfing big swellKelly Slater in the TubeKely Slatter Aerial Surf

Andy Irons Photos :

Andy Irons inside a wave

Andy Irons signing autographsAndy Irons wins Pro France 2005

Damien Hobgood Pictures :

Damien Hobgood surfingDamien Hobgood Kirk Flintoff podiumDamien Hobgood Surf Aerial

Dane Reynolds Photos :

Dane Reynolds Hossegor

Dane Reynolds drop on big waveDane Reynolds tow-in jetski

Jeremy Flores from France
Photos during the Quiksilver Pro France 2005 Surf Contest :

Jeremy Flores Dave and Fredo in the webcastJeremy Flores on the beach in HossegorJeremy Flores in a closing waveJeremy Flores from France riding TubeJeremy Flores surfing in France

Mick Fanning Surf Pictures :

Mick Fanning surfing Huge LipMick Fanning Surf in Quicksilver contest

Miky Picon from France : Surf Photos :

Miky Picon France Beach surfMiky Picon slice surfing photoMiky Picon Francais de FranceMiky Picon Surf quicksilver Pro France

Patrick Beven Surfing High-Resolution Photos :

Patrick Beven carving wave surfPatrick Beven surfing Big swell

Taj Burrow from Australia Surfing Pictures :

Taj Burrow Signing Autograph

Taj Burrow Pro SurferTaj Burrow Surfing in FranceTaj Burrow Aerial Surfing

Tim Curran Photos :

Tim Curran Aerial Surf

Tim Curan big Wave!Tim Curran Surfing the Tube

Photos from the Surf Contest Site in Hossegor :

Crowd on the beach Quicksilver contestCrowd Hossegor beachLa Foule au Pro France 2005Line Up at Surf ContestPlace des Landais HossegorSite de Competition SurfSite de Hossegor CentraleVirgin Wave

Photo Vue Sud aerien Hossegor
View from the Sky of Hossegor Beach!

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