Free Music or is it?

Fugees Ready or NotWhen ever i hear a cool song, i try to cut out a loop that i can use in some of my music . It’s not always easy to cut out a good loop because of voices , vocals or solos that get cut into the loop and repeat themselves forever (that’s what a loop is!). It will just sound annoying if you have half your loop with a voice that gets repeated a while. You need a pure instrumental loop to do the trick. It helps to have a good musical ear so you know where to cut the beginning and end of the music loop. You need to use music software with built in loop creation like Cool Edit and Adobe Audition . All you need is to be able to select / highlight a portion of the imported mp3 or wave file and play the portion in loop mode.

Eurythmics Sweet DreamsOnce the loop loops correctly, you can import the sound file into ACID PRO and overlap almost any beats. Both tracks should sound perfectly synchronized. From that point you should be able to add various tracks: voices, more beats, guitar etc… Only problem now is to choose the appropriate sound files to build on your project. You can EASILY mess up your song by adding the wrong instruments. It’s like wearing a tshirt that does not match your pants! I have approximatly 200 self made loops.

In this “Ready or Not” MIX , i use loop music from the following songs:

BB Wave Loop Remix :: Groovy SOB Feat Eminem :: Meiji Depart LoopMix :: Experimental Music

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