Branded music mp3

Branded :: Music MP3 by XARJ :: Fruity Loops Creation

This is an old song i made on November 23, 2002 using the famous music software Fruity Loops which is now known as FL Studio. Back then i was just starting to create music although my song “Branded” is part of my CD # 27. I didn’t know about ACID PRO and made all my loops myself using Fruity Loops. Fruity Loops is great because you can easily create your own loops but i find you are quickly stuck with the very synthetic sounds it produces. Which is why i switched to ACID PRO and downloaded tons of high quality loops to use within ACID. Also, it is extremely difficult to produce good quality drums in Fruity Loops. So much easier to use a premade drum loop! I suck at drums, lyrics and vocals but i master all the rest! If you have an aptitude i am missing, give me a shout!

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