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FanParty MP3 Music by XarJ

I called this song “FanParty” because the day before I had been at a friend’s friend called Fanny from my school IUT Bayonne. It was truly a great party and the whole class was there, everyone having a blast! If I remember correctly Fanny lived near Guetary in the Basque Country in southern France. Really cute girl too! I even asked her out but she already had a boyfriend… snif snif!

Anyways, FanParty is a Happy song with a sweet melody. Yes it is me singing some improvised lyrics so they don’t always make sense. Hearing this MP3 song again, I’m surprised how high I can sing! Pretty high pitched but it might not sound very natural, I’m forcing it a little bit! A couple years ago I wouldn’t have posted it on my blog thinking it was a little “corny” but now I don’t really care. I want to add all my music, the great and the not so great…

FanParty was recorded on November 22, 2004 and is part of my Xarj CD # 35.

Listen to FanParty by XarJ :

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