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Hévíz Spa and the Szent András Hospital, Hévíz is a spa in Hungary. The complex balneological treatment used in Hévíz has been developed through the centuries as a unique kind of medical care.

The curative effect of the lake was probably known to the ancient Romans. Coins found in the lake in the early 1980s also support this supposition. Discoveries from the age of Migration suggest that the migrant German and Slavic population used the lake as well. Written sources more than 400 years old originate from the age of the Turkish invasion.

Between 1944-46 the buildings were used as a hospital first by the German then by the Soviet army. In 1948 a period of state ownership came. The State Medicinal Bath, Hévíz was established by the Ministry of Health on 1 January 1952. The number of visitors trebled then quadrupled. The machinery of the hospital and the treatments were made up to date. By 1968 it has become Hungary’s most modern winter bath. For the reconstruction of the bath in the 1970s Austrian larch was used. 1986 3 March central buildings of the bath (in the lake) burnt down. In September 1989 the reconstruction of the destroyed parts was finished. The new set of buildings was more attractive and up to date than the previous one. To day the area of the Institution is 620,000 square metres. The plans of further reconstruction of the park and buildings were completed between 2000 and 2002.

The very much sophisticated complex balneotherapy of Hévíz and the spa are part of the world’s cultural heritage.

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