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How to Trade Links with those Great Blogs – Find and Exchange

In my article, I will focus on finding the right blogs to trade links with and the best way to contact the webmasters with your request, by email. But firstly, let me just remind you that creating worthy backlinks from other websites pointing to your own website is the absolute best strategy to help your site in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). That being said, let me tell you about one of the best ways to generate new link trades.

A backlink pointing to your site from a popular and established blog situated in the same niche market is what you want. Unfortunatly for those small and beginner sites, you will have trouble getting bakclinks from big powerful blogs in your industry. Webmasters will prefer to trade links with sites that have the same or better Site Rank. In order to optimize your success rate for generating those worthy backlinks, you should aim at sites with relatively close popularity and reputation.

For best results, go through this entire process once every few months!

Make a list !

Make a nice clean excel sheet with the names, urls and various popularity rankings for the sites you’ll send a link request. Also make sure you can find the email address of the webmaster to contact him or her. If you are serious about link building, making a list will help you in all sorts of ways.

How to find the best blogs for link trades?

You want to find blogs in the same niche topic as your own. If your blog is about basketball, find other blogs that discuss basketball or sports in general. Directories are good tools for finding blogs in your own niche market. You need to use a directory that enables you to sort the blogs by rank.

Directories that rank sites by popularity :

When you find an interesting blog, look for 2 things. Firstly, make sure the blog has a blogroll with links pointing to external sites. If the blog does not have a blogroll, they will not create one just for you so drop the site right away, you are wasting your time. Secondly, make sure you can find the email address or a contact form to send a message to the webmaster.

How to evaluate the worthiness of a blog for a link trade?

You want the other blog to pass on as much “link juice” as possible. Link Juices refer to the passing of PR (pagerank) from one site to another.

Tools to evaluate the Site Rank and Juice :

You can also note the number of subscribers on their FeedBurner Feed if one is available.

How to write your email requesting a Link Trade?

This is the most important part of the job. You need to write a convincing email so the webmaster agrees to exchange links.

A few points to mention in your email :

  • Compliment their blog and their work
  • Request a link exchange between the two blogs
  • Describe your blog’s content and audience
  • Point out your qualities (Google PR of 3 or your Alexa ranking of 47,000)
  • Conclude

** Sometimes it might help to add their link on your blog before you send them the email. This will show them you are serious about the link trade and half the work is already done.

One last piece of advice

It might get you an occasional link trade if you noted in your sidebar that you are open for new link trades.

Good luck to all of you working on link building for your blog!

Please leave your comments below!

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