DoubleMinds Philippe Boudal and Arnaud Joakim
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“Infinite Wisdom” – Another great song by the Doubleminds!

Infinite Wisdom starts with a nice progression including a Guitar and Funk EP loop. The beat and bass slowly fade in until Philippe starts singing. You’ll hear a rhythmic metal guitar in between the singing which I found in my loop library. At 1min40 the music transforms into a different melody. I love the beginning of that second part! The loop sounds offer a strong feeling! Great piano, vocals and soft hats are very compelling. Then at 3min30, we switch back the the original melody. Bass, beat, organ and repeating vocals until the fade out at the end of our song. Que du bonheur! 😉 This song is royalty free so you may use it for your projects but please leave us credit for this beautiful song!

Created by Philippe Boudal and Arnaud Joakim (DoubleMinds) on November 3, 2005 – CD # 40

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