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Persona :: Royalty Free Music MP3 by Xarj

The name of my song is “Persona”. Recorded on September 14, 2004 and part of my CD # 35. My music starts with a progression. The piano loop is followed by my vocals and some additional piano tracks, the bass piano track jumps in and a second chorist vocal track, followed by a classic drum beat. After the progression, the tempo accelerates, I continues singing the Phil Collins lyrics. I like this song! It sounds pretty good and for once, my voice doesn’t sound too bad! This song is royalty free so feel free to use it if you like. Thanks for letting me know.

Lyrics to Persona ::

The sun is rising in the sky
Here we’re waiting, standing by
Round in circles, round and round
Pulse is racing, can’t sit down
The noise of people fills the air
Search for silence goes nowhere
Time just passes, starts to rain
I look at you and I feel your pain

Day after day watching it grow, counting the time
In each and every way the pleasure is mine
Through all of the high times
Through all of the low times

by Phil Collins

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