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Music MP3 by Doubleminds, “Pile ou Face”

This song is not finished! The main instruments have been recorded; blues guitar, philippe’s vocals. We chose a rapid beat for this song which is quite different than what you would except from a guitar blues song! But hey, it’s a new style of music! You gotta keep an open mind! I was going through my 45 personal music cds to find the latest song I’d add on my Blog and Podcast and fell upon “Pile ou Face”. Although it’s not finished, I thought I’d add it online because it’s pretty good, it’s got a good rhythm and great vocals by Philippe Boudal. Phil is currently in Dublin, Ireland and I have no clue when we’d have time to finish this song! So I have included the first part of the song. Enjoy!

“Pile ou Face” is part of my CD number 41, the song was created on February 28, 2006 by Philippe Boudal and Xarj in St Pierre D’Irube.

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