Glacier Surfing in Alaska

Glacier Surfing

Glacier Surfing in Alaska

Surf Glacier

Surf Glacier and Iceberg


Ice Glacier

Glacier Iceberg Surfing in Alaska

Surfing the wave created by the break down and falling of part of an iceberg is completly crazy because of the size of the wave created and the freezing temperatures of the water. It is highly dangerous and should not be attempted without proper preparation and equipment.

A glacier is a mass of ice which is formed by  many layers of snow accumulated on its surface. Crushed under its own weight, snow expels air in the glacier and it forms into one big block of ice. The glaciers represent 98.5% of fresh water on the planet. The field of plasticity of ice being particularly extensive, a glacier flows slowly under the influence of gravity along a slope or a creep. More info on Wikipedia.

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