December 24th, 2008Extreme FreeStyle Ski

Extreme FreeStyle Ski

Extreme FreeStyle Ski Video

Freestyle skiing is a discipline of Alpine skiing considered an extreme sport. Often confused with acrobatic skiing, freestyle skiing is a new discipline emerged in the late 90s, after several other disciplines like skiing moguls, the half-pipe or acrobatic jump .

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RiseUp PoweRiser Extreme Stilts Videos

Rise Up PoweRiser Extreme Stilts Videos The Poweriser is a brand new original urban sport. The new kind of stilts are developed by the aerospace industry (the resort and its components were developed by an aviation industry), the Poweriser is a new challenge for all the people who roller blade, skateboard and snowboard and want […]

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August 22nd, 2008Surfing Glaciers in Alaska

Surfing Glaciers in Alaska

Glacier Iceberg Surfing in Alaska

Surfing the wave created by the break down and falling of part of an iceberg is completly crazy because of the size of the wave created and the freezing temperatures of the water. It is highly dangerous and should not be attempted without proper preparation and equipment.

A glacier is a mass of ice which is formed by many layers of snow accumulated on its surface. Crushed under its own weight, snow expels air in the glacier and it forms into one big block of ice. The glaciers represent 98.5% of fresh water on the planet.

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Typhoon Extreme Surfing in Japan

Surfing Typhoon’s in Japan is just sick! No human being should surf a cyclone or typhoon wave, it is just suicidal!

The release of heat in a mature tropical cyclone or typhoon may exceed 2×1019 watts. This equates to a 10 megatonnes thermonuclear bomb detonated every 20 minutes. Tropical cyclones in the open sea cause huge waves, heavy rain and strong winds. This disturbs navigation routes and sometimes sinking ship. However, the most devastating tropical cyclones occur when they strike the coast and enter the land. In this case, a tropical cyclone may cause enormous damage.

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February 21st, 2008Extreme Surf Wipeout Video

Extreme Surf Wipeout Video

Extreme Surfing Wipeout Video Featured Breaks :: Pipeline, Backdoor, the Wedge, Mavericks, Teahupoo and Jaws Some bad wipeouts in this extreme video! You know those guys are in pain after the brutal beating! Watch the Extreme Surf Wipeout Video :: Related Images:

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Ultimate Surfer Wipeout Photo Gallery

Extreme Surfers on Extreme Waves and Extreme Wipe Outs (Accidents) Ultimate Surfer WipeOut Photos Gallery The most Intense, Crazy and Extreme Surfing Photos ever photographed. What is Surfing ? Surfing is a surface water sport in which the participant is carried along the face of a breaking wave, most commonly using a surfboard, although wave […]

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