Extreme Big Surfing

Big Surf

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Extreme Surfer for Extreme Waves!

Extreme Surf

Extreme Surf

Surfing Typhoon’s in Japan is just sick! No human being should surf a cyclone or typhoon wave, it is just suicidal!

The release of heat in a mature tropical cyclone or typhoon may exceed 2×1019 watts. This equates to a 10 megatonnes thermonuclear bomb detonated  every 20 minutes. Tropical cyclones and typhoons in the open sea cause huge waves, heavy rain and strong winds. This disturbs navigation routes and sometimes sinking ship. However, the most devastating tropical cyclones occur when they strike the coast and enter the land. In this case, a tropical cyclone may cause enormous damage. More info on Wikipedia.

Watch the Extreme Typhoon Surfing Video ::

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big surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Sick Waves getting riden by Amazing Surfers!

Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Surfers trying to make it over the wave!

Crazy Surf

Crazy Big Surf

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