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Where to submit your Blog Posts for more visibility?

This is your ultimate list to all the worthwhile Social Media sites. I have spent and will continue to spend hours to keep this list updated so Bookmark this Page!

All you need for success is this list, some good articles you have written and lots of time to submit.

You have a blog and are posting some interesting articles but you are not getting the audience you deserve? One simple and vital but time consuming method to increase the traffic to your blog posts is to submit your articles to various social media websites. These highly dynamic sites can be specialized in news, bookmarking, RSS directories or article submission. Using these services have two main benefits; send you traffic and create backlinks (good for seo). If you are a power user, you’ll want to create a community of friends and readers and use social networking to gain exposure. I recommend spending more time on the three main social media sites: Digg, StumbleUpon and Technorati.

Social Bookmarking, Social News and RSS directories use tags to classify the information. Tags are keywords that describe the content. They have the advantage of being associated manually by humans to a specific content page. Such a system will rank a resource based on its perceived utility. It is arguably a more useful metric for end users than other systems.

It is recommended that you do not add your own stories to social media sites. Some people frown upon it because it’s too much self promotion. With StumbleUpon, the system detects you are posting too many stories from your own website and eventually stops sending you any traffic. For SU, it is recommended that you keep your personal submissions to a small percentage of the total stories submitted. Unless your blog is already popular, you will not have any other choice than to add your own stories as no one else will do it for you. So try to mix them with other stories related to your blog’s content.

To be successful on social media sites, your story needs as many votes or bookmarks as possible. The more votes or bookmarks, the more visibility you will gain. It’s a good idea to add Social Media icons in your blog posts. This way people can directly digg, shout, sphinn, stumble, red your article if they like it. Check out this article to add social networking icons to your wordpress posts.

I have divided the Social Media sites into six categories :

Automatic SubmissionSocial NewsSocial BookmarkingRSS FeedsMiscArticle Submission

Free Automatic Submission to Social Sites

These sites “try” to reduce the time needed to submit your blog posts. No matter what, you’ll need to signup on all the different Social Bookmarking sites. My favorite is Social Marker which gives you more control over your submissions because it is semi-automatic. In my opinion, there isn’t yet a really effective automatic submission tool. I still prefer to manually goto each site to add my submission.

  • Social Marker :: Semi-Automatic submit to the best Social systems
  • Social Poster :: Automatic submission to 71 Social sites
  • Social Marking :: Submit to social bookmarking systems
  • OnlyWire :: Saves your account info and submits to 17 bookmarking sites
  • Tagenie :: Links to add your blog post to 130+ social networking sites.

Social News Sites

People vote for their favorite stories. Social News sites generally have a list of the top stories on the front page. If your posts are really interesting and you create a community on the following sites, you could receive a LOT of traffic. One annoying fact about social news sites is that they are almost worthless unless you have a community to help your stories get popular. From my experience, signing up and submitting your stories without working on your community is useless and will not bring in any traffic. You’ll need to spend countless hours growing your profile popularity. Submit your work to the proper category and ask friends to vote for you. In my descriptions, when i say “world news oriented”, it means you cannot post your own blog posts unless your site is recognized as a reliable source for news.

  • Digg :: Most popular – Work on your community! You can add your blog feed rss
  • ShoutWire :: Shout it or Bash it
  • Reddit :: Very simple social news site
  • Newsvine :: World news oriented
  • Stirrdup
  • Wikio :: Seems only to accept stories from popular sites. Add your podcast feed
  • Propeller :: aka Netscape – World News oriented
  • Sphinn :: Internet Marketing News
  • SEO Yak :: SEO related News
  • Plime
  • IndianPad :: Not only Indian sites
  • News Cloud :: They have to approve your story first. You can create a kinda blog. They Disabled my account! Ouch!
  • Mixx :: According to Alexa, Traffic Rank of 5000!
  • Earth Frisk :: Has a lot of options
  • SearchLes :: World News oriented BUT has a nice feature to create your TV Channel
  • Hugg :: For articles related to Environment
  • SKrt :: Girly articles oriented. Site is ran by 3 women
  • I am Bored :: They need to approve your link before it shows up
  • BlinkBits :: I found it very spammy with lots of bugs
  • SlashDot :: Nerd oriented news. They rejected my submissions!
  • Care2 :: Alexa rank of 5000! Specialized in Green living, Health, Human rights, Environment
  • Fark :: World News oriented. Seems only to accept stories from popular sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Add your links in an online bookmarking system. Typically, you cannot vote on a particular link. They get popular when they get bookmarked by many people. I believe most sites have nofollow meta data on the links, which means no backlinks and no link juice will be passed on to your blog. Are Social Bookmarking sites really helpful for SEO?

  • Delicious :: Leader. Simple to use
  • Stumble Upon :: Share your Web Discoveries – Create your page. Work on your Community!
  • BlinkList :: Create a community and ask your friends to “blink” your bookmarks
  • Squidoo :: Create your Personal “Lens” Page to share your web discoveries
  • Faves :: Make friends and ask them to “fave” your submissions. You can add your Blog Feed
  • coRank :: Different concept and maybe a little complicated. Create your page about a specific topic. Add bookmarks and vote. You can even add bookmarks on other people’s pages!
  • BackFlip :: Annoying advertisements
  • BlogMarks :: Big french community
  • ClipClip :: Personal scrapbook with your favorite content. Some spam
  • ClipMarks :: User Friendly. Build your community. Add parts (clips) of a webpage and vote for others “clips”
  • FeedMeLinks :: Not very user friendly
  • SpotBack :: Rate everything on the internet and create your personal page
  • Thoof :: Tries to figure out what stories interest you. To vote, simply read the story.
  • Netvouz
  • Furl
  • Magnolia
  • Diigo
  • Simpy
  • Spurl
  • LinkaGogo
  • Mister Wong
  • MyLinkVault
  • BuddyMarks :: Small site to add your bookmarks and vote
  • SiteBar :: Bookmark server intended for both personal and enterprise usage. Not Social
  • Connotea :: Online reference management for researchers, clinicians and scientists
  • Folkd :: Submit your bookmarks and ask your friends to vote. Lots of German users.
  • CiteULike :: Social Bookmarking for academic and scholarly papers

RSS Feeds Social Sites

I call them RSS Directories because they display your blog feed on their site. To avoid duplicate content, I recommend only showing excerpts summary of your articles in your blog feed. You can set this option in your wordpress admin panel. Like with most social networking sites, you can improve your traffic by becoming an active member and creating a community around your account. Most social media sites are pointless if you do not put a little effort into them. That being said, having your Blog’s RSS Feed displayed on sites can only be a good thing and requires little time to setup. You should at least spend some time adding your feed(s) to ALL the sites below. I believe it’s worth it as the ratio of work vs reward is high.

  • Technorati :: Leader – Vote for your favorite sites. Work on your community!
  • MyBlogLog :: Strong communities – Use Widget
  • BlogCatalog :: Create your community – Use Widget
  • Genwi :: Add your RSS Feeds for others to discover. Create channels. Also has an aggregator.
  • Blogoria :: Small site – Add your blog’s feed and vote for Blogorians. User friendly.
  • :: Very few features. Add your Feed, use their pinging service. For technical people – by Yahoo
  • myFeedz :: Social Newspaper by AdobeLive – Add your feed, vote and aggregate. Simple to use
  • 9Rules :: Add Notes, Entries or Clips. You can add your RSS. Very complete.
  • Rojo :: Aggregator Service – Your Feed is added and people can vote on your posts
  • Kinja :: Create a page with your favorite RSS Feeds. I don’t think they let you add any blog feed.

Misc Social Media Sites

These sites I could not classify in the other topics. They are not Social Bookmarking nor Social News sites. You can vote for your favorite sites and grow your community at the same time. Some sites offer a type of iGoogle page to share your web discoveries and favorite content on the internet.

  • Spicy Page :: Vote for your favorite site
  • Bump Zee :: Work on your community and add the widget
  • Zimbio :: Rss feed submission, Blog submission, Article submission, Discussions
  • Others Online :: Create a profile and find people like you
  • Explode Us :: Find people with common interests across various social networks
  • Meta Filter :: A community Blog – Not sure how easy it is to have a featured article
  • 43 Things :: Create and share a list of things you want to do
  • BlogHop :: Kind of web directory. You need to add a voting link on your website
  • Blog Pulse :: Not very user friendly but you can easily add your blog’s link
  • Kaboodle :: Social shopping community
  • Bibsonomy :: Sharing bookmarks and bibliographies for Researchers

Article Submission

Article submission sites are not Social Media sites per se but offer other advantages. They allow expert authors in hundreds of niche fields to get exposure in exchange for the submission of their quality original articles. This helps your article get more visibility and creates backlinks but since you are posting the entire story, it will create a problem of duplicate content. It is not easy to weigh the pros and cons of duplicate content so think twice before posting your story here. Make sure they allow you to put a link back to your site otherwise it’s not worth the hassle.

Additional information about submitting to social media sites:

Did i forget any popular social networking sites? Which is your favorite site?

As I use this list for myself, I will be constantly updating it so make sure you bookmark it.

Latest update : July 23, 2008

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