The Advantages Of Social Networking Sites For Filmmakers

In this day and age, talking to each other has never been easier. Social media and networking sites have become so popular that they are now a part of everyone’s lives in some way or another. If you aren’t already connected yourself then chances are a few of your friends or family are. It has […]

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Top 7 places to promote your blog

Setting up a decent blog with great content is just a part of your blogging activity. You need to promote your blog well in order to acquire big time success. Today, social media sites play a very big role in providing recognition to your blog. Here are some great places to promote your blog including […]

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Google +1: What Is It All about?

Google has been working on their social media marketing project for some time. And it is obvious that they had put some thought into the matter for some time before they released the project Google+. They released the project in a similar fashion to they normally do with new projects. That included a limited release […]

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Are Social News Sites Useless?

I wrote this article cause I’m pissed and disappointed. I’m not the type of person who will ever spend more than 1-2 hours per week on social news sites and because of that I am doomed never to get a submitted story made popular. Hopefully I’m wrong and the next story I submit will get 2000 diggs, 200 stumbles, 50 Stirs, 100 Reddits and 30 mixx! 😉

Let’s not forget that if an “addicted” power user submits your story from his profile, you’ll have a lot more chances to get featured. But it did not get popular from your own puny account! You need help!

I re-read my blog post and I’m quite happy with it! I’m teaching myself to spend more time working on my articles. Quality not Quantity. You’ll be a lot more successful with great blog posts not so often than lots of mediocre blog posts.

One last word of advice, if you want to succeed on social news sites, do not bash them like I’m doing!

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Submit Your Blog Posts for more Exposure

Social Media Where to submit your Blog Posts for more visibility? This is your ultimate list to all the worthwhile Social Media sites. I have spent and will continue to spend hours to keep this list updated so Bookmark this Page! All you need for success is this list, some good articles you have written […]

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