Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereIn this day and age, talking to each other has never been easier. Social media and networking sites have become so popular that they are now a part of everyone’s lives in some way or another. If you aren’t already connected yourself then chances are a few of your friends or family are. It has gotten to a stage where over half of the UK population have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. These media giants however have huge benefits, especially to budding and already established filmmakers across the globe.

The entertainment industry, or more specifically the movie industry, is an extremely vast one with a huge audience. Before the invention of social media all filmmakers had were the people who went to the cinema to see the film for income, feedback and recommendations. Now you can do all sorts to reach your target audience, there are even certain settings on Facebook, for example, that allows you to target only the people who are interested in film or even filmmaking, or target them by age or geographical location.

There are several groups and pages on Facebook dedicated to filmmaking and one can always join them to promote the business, read expert advise on filmmaking and much more. Other booming platform Google+ has also become popular in quick time as it connects different professionals from this field and help them grow each other’s business by partnering with each other and working together. Even search engines like Google give special preference to businesses which have a strong presence on Google+, and award them with high rankings in search engine results.

Twitter, who reguarly contend with Facebook for social media dominance, may not be as in depth as it’s enemy but it is short, sweet and to the point. This is what has made it such a huge hit with the public as we live in a new age of people constantly on the go with no time to spare, being given enough space to add even just a hashtag and a link to a short film can see you getting your film recognised. If you manage to enlist yourself among “In-trend” tweets, it will skyrocket your popularity in a single day as Twitter has millions of visitors every hour.

Video hubs such as YouTube and Vimeo also contend as even though they are more a filmmaking community/video directory sites, they are aimed directly at the kind of people you want seeing your short film. Mutinee, a new kid on the block, is raising the bar even higher by providing all the social and informational aspects of Facebook and Twitter mixed with a video directory and a community such as the ones you’ll find on Vimeo and YouTube. Developers are now realising the true potential of social media.

Social media has become so advanced and more open that you can even connect all of your accounts in one, which saves you from making several different profiles. This has a mass appeal, so using and making the most out of social media can see you reaping the benefits in no time at all.

Author’s bio: The author of this post likes to read about filmmaking and plans to pursue it as a profession in future. Now almost anyone can begin making and sharing short films for all to see and market it for completely free. This is a movement that may see more filmmakers in the spotlight and attending film festivals all over the world.

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